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What I’m listening to these days

Music is a constant in my life and during my days. This is whats on repeat on my phone right now, Especially when I’m writing. Soon it might switch to something else I’m obsessed with. A pretty eclectic mix but that has always been my way.

Blackbriar– An “Alternative Metal” band from The Netherlands [Gothic metal in my opinon]


Sia– Her lyrics are simple yet poignant, kinds sad people don’t listen past the mostly danceable beats.


Skrillex– good for keeping energy up.


Melanie Martinez– Cute and CReepy, need I say more.


Covers from Taka of One OK Rock-[ A Japanese Rock band.]

I want to marry his voice. He’s not bad himself [*cough* gorgeous*]  😉




25 year old master procrastinator...

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