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LPM: Part One

For readers 18+

[Part one of La Petite Mort]


“You’ve seen what you can do. Are you sure you can go through all of this by yourself, or will you end up in a sea of the blood of anyone you have ever cared about.”

His husky voice reverberated through me and the words echoed in my mind, round and round until they lost their sense. I stumbled away and clung to the wall as I struggled to catch my breath. I continued to stumble away from his words, from his truth; until my legs gave out and I began to fall, not bothering to put my arms out to break the fall. A pair of strong arm wound around my waist and held me steady.

A strange sob like breath left my lips accompanying the familiar sensation of almost irrational panic that comes with an attack. I struggled against his hold. The arms too warm, too comforting- comfort is suffocating. Loneliness is where I am free.

I pushed away and let myself fall to my knees and curled into myself. The panic hadn’t hit me this hard since I was a little kid, and hid in the closet to escape the chaos in the place I was supposed to call home. I didn’t remember much from my so-called parents but their angry yells, breaking plates, glasses, anything they could lay their hands on. I stayed out of their way, but I always hoped that they wouldn’t run out things to break and come looking for me. The anxiety and panic attacks stayed with me for a long time after my parents were out of my life, it was my only inheritance. Well that didn’t seem quiet true anymore, they’d left me something else, this curse.

“Bree.” He whispered.

He leaned his muscular body against the wall and stared down at me in concern, tinged with pity but through it all I saw what was always there in his eyes when he looked at me: intense desire. The short time he’d know me, I had unwittingly lay bare all my flaws and through it all his want for me hadn’t wavered. His amber eyes caught my attention almost hypnotically and everything fell away: the panic, the fear. I felt bare, lost; a drifting soul in the current of the underworld. I was going to be swept away unless…

“Help me. Please.” I didn’t recognize the rough rasp that left my lips.

He knelt in front of me and cupped my cheek with his large hand, the deep brown of his skin contrasting with my pallid cheek. I let my eyes close as he tilted my chin up and I felt his warmth come closer, his breath brushing against my lips before his lips brushed mine.


And whisper soft.

I arched forward needing more but he leaned away while he rose to his feet gracefully, standing tall and imposing before me while I remained on my knees.

“My help won’t come cheap, lover. You are mine now Aubrey Carter.” He said, his voice firm and authoritative.

I was silent as a shiver ran through my body. I didn’t ever give up control. It wasn’t about pride, I had none of those ridiculous notions. It was about giving up power and giving others the ability to hurt you. Yet as I stared up at his striking dark face, I felt everything fall into place.  He continued to look at me impassively, his features bold and eye catching. The face of someone who was meant to lead-to rule. So I guessed all had to do was to follow.

“Yes, Yours.” I said softly but sure.




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