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Earth, Air, Water Fire

Earth, Air, Water Fire

Fire, Fire, Fire

I call upon the power of Fire, Incandescent divine

Illuminate my path towards that which I desire Continue reading “Incantation”

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The Disappearance [A Short Story]

Bree glanced at her cell phone as it buzzed from her desk, desperate for attention. She expected it to be a friend asking what to wear to the Halloween party or her date apologising for being late to pick her up, yet again. Shane, her mobile seemed to shout in bold letters, across its screen. What does he want? She thought slightly annoyed. She didn’t give him her number for social calls. He was her lab partner at University and it was irritating that he would call this late. Continue reading “The Disappearance [A Short Story]”

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LPM: Part One

For readers 18+

[Part one of La Petite Mort]


“You’ve seen what you can do. Are you sure you can go through all of this by yourself, or will you end up in a sea of the blood of anyone you have ever cared about.”

His husky voice reverberated through me and the words echoed in my mind, round and round until they lost their sense. Continue reading “LPM: Part One”

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Introducing Emily Eden

Hello potential readers.

I am Emily- an amateur writer/poet and blogger.

This blog may be new but I’ve been blogging on WordPress for a few years under different alias, I’ve also written on wattpad [ ] for a couple of years now. Here, I’ll be posting anything and everything that I happen to be writing these days but you can especially look for serialized chapters of a story , I am working on, occasional covers of songs, sketches etc…

I write, fantasy, horror, sci-fi with or with a twist of romance. many of my books are centered around or feature LGBT+ characters, so if that bothers you please avoid my work entirely.

Hope this wasn’t too dull to read. They’ll be more exciting things to come.